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Huddlebox Resources

Huddlebox, no ordinary box – a piece of design engineering, the perfect tiered seating solution to create a flexible zone for meetings, presentations, brainstorming, break out and all things Agile!

Rokkadot Resources

Rokkadot® is a unique rocking workstation that brings an element of playfulness to the workplace with its integrated desk platform the perfect place for your notes, laptop or just a good book.

MUTU Resources

The Mutu promotes highly mutual and collaborative working conditions for multiple persons who can either work for extended periods of time in a single location or collaborate with others for short periods of time. Or both!

HAAG Resources

Design inspiration from the Hague (Den Haag) Straight line Honesty! There is nothing hidden with Haag.
By bringing the blackened steel structure to the ‘outside’, Haag is an open book, magically blending the beauty of raw steel and polished timber. Ideal for collaboration, breakout, boardroom or a reception statement piece!

TOUCH Resources

The office necessity taken to new heights.
Touch offers incredible durability while the cut-out handle and flexy shell form make it the perfect fit for any Agile workspace!

DOTS Resources

Every workplace has a need for informal seating ‘dotted’ about! Dots provides the perfect solution when looking for somewhere to ‘perch’ within breakout or collaboration areas – ideal for impromptu meetings too!

SHACK Resources

The Shack Booths give the ‘out of the office’ buzz to any meeting or even somewhere to work quietly alone. With its pitched roof design, shack enhances that ‘out of the office’ psychology.

SNUG Resources

With It’s superior acoustic qualities, Snug is more
than just an occasional meeting space. Snug is a
‘get things done, get things agreed’ focal hub for any workplace environment. With a dry-wipe option to the external shell, Snug becomes a truly agile centre-piece for any workplace.

FORBI Resources

Forbi is a masterful lighting design - helping define space and height! The Solid Timber radius end profiles are one of a kind!

NEENA Resources

Neena is a modern laptop table that is easy to move around; making it perfect for creating a more agile workspace.

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